Self-Cleaning Dog Toothbrush

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Why Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

Did you know? Daily toothbrushing is a must for your dog! Because 4 out of 5 dogs suffer from dental problems, it can actually lead to life-threatening infections and issues including heart, liver, and kidney disease.

And here’s something you won’t forget – pets don’t show pain from dental disease! That’s right, they could be severe pain, and you would ever know because they not only don’t complain, but will even eat just fine.

Basically, if you love your dog you need to take their oral hygiene seriously. And our Chew Toy Toothbrush is the perfect way to start the on the path to good oral health!

The Dog Toothbrush is a revolutionary way to clean your dog’s teeth. Use the Dog Toothbrush with toothpastes to eliminate tartar/plaque and for fresh breath! Let your dog brush daily for 5 minutes. 

This natural rubber dental chewing brush will have your dog cleaning his own teeth. Designed to let your dog chew instinctively and enjoy the feeling, so it becomes an easy tooth cleaning routine. It is especially good for cleaning hard to reach back molars. Watch your dog bite and play the plaque away!

  • Self dispenses toothpaste during play to enhance cleaning
  • Deep cleaning bristles down to the gums
  • Durable, safe and anti-microbial
  • Created with dog's anatomy in mind for easy holding
  • Helps prevent destructive behaviour and boredom
  • For easy cleaning, rinse with water or put on top shelf of a dishwasher