Pet Grooming Brush Glove

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Why We Love This Glove...

This incredible grooming glove will help remove old hair from your little pooch whilst also providing a relaxing massage. 

This amazing five-finger de-shedding glove that quickly, gently and ultimately removes pet fur with a relaxing massaging touch of your hand.

This glove mimics the touch of your hand for a relaxing massage as you loosen and lift shedding hair from your pet.

Forget about fussing with sharp brushes and metal tools that rip, pull and tear!

Drastically reduce the pet hair in your home, and spoil your pet with a special massage! 

6 Reasons why this grooming glove is AWESOME...

  1. Hair sticks to glove — simply peel and toss
  2. Easily contours to reach places hair hides, such as behind legs, under the chest, in their tails and around their face
  3. Guaranteed to minimize shedding
  4. Mimics real human touch for a special, loving massage
  5. Silicone surface attracts hair, dirt and debris, loosening from the skin and sticking to the glove like a magnet
  6. Great for all sizes and breeds of dogs (and cats)

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