Catnip Wall Ball™

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Over 18,000,000 cats had emergency vet visits last year worldwide. The #1 cause of these emergency visits was urinary tract blockage. The #1 cause of urinary tract blockage in cats is stress. Simply put: cats are stressed out!

Now there's a way your cat can relieve their stress on demand without the mess of traditional catnip: Catnip Wall Ball™.

Catnip Wall Ball™ has many benefits including reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. It also calms your cat while you're away, encourages playfulness, and aids digestion. A small investment in Catnip Wall Ball can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on vet bills.

Your cat will absolutely love easy access to catnip on demand. The Catnip Wall Ball™ has 3M™ adhesive on the back so you can stick it anywhere without worrying about leaving residue or removing paint. It can also be moved many times and it still sticks well. It comes with a screw-on lid so your cat can enjoy Catnip Wall Ball™ in moderation.

Catnip Wall Ball™ comes vacuum sealed for freshness. Give your cat a stress free life with free worldwide shipping on all orders. Give your cat (or a friend's cat) Catnip Wall Ball™ today!

Included with Purchase: 1 vacuum sealed Catnip Wall Ball™

Ingredients: 100% Natural Catnip